Unable to log in - XFinity

I'm unable to log into the TV app. All it says is "Something went wrong." above where you enter the info. I was having a problem earlier with a certain website and tried changing my IP address to see if that would help. Then I was in a certain room of the house with no TV's and didn't want to miss the beginning of the game so I tried using the app to watch the FOX network but received some message about not being on my home network. I logged out and that was it. Haven't been able to log back in since. I changed the MAC address on my router back to what it was before this to get the IP address back and still haven't been able to log in. I tried uninstalling, restarting my iPad, and reinstalling the app. Still can't log in. I'm guessing I messed something up with the app being able to detect my home network by changing my IP address. Is there a way to reset how the app and web sites detect my home network?

This question, "Unable to log in," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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