Unable to record auto racing as a series anymore - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Unable to record auto racing as a series anymore", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I am sort of reopening this topic because someone accepted a solution and closed the previous post.

Sometime since last summer (2019), the channel guide format was changed so auto racing (NASCAR, Formuia 1, Indy Car) is no longer able to be selected as a series for DVR recording. Now we have to go in each week and select all of the seperate events we want recorded when we used to just make a series recording and then cancel any extraneous events (practices, qualifying) if we didn't want them. I saw in a "solved" post that because of delays, postponements, etc. there could be problems but that's not true because actually once the guide was updated to reflect changes, the series recording was just pick up the newly scheduled event and all was good. I don't believe this issue was properly addressed with Gracenote who works the guide software and they could do some work to fix this. Please!

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