Unable to record correct channel on Directv iOS App - DirecTV

The Directv iOS has pretty much become useless to me now. I use it most of the time to record the Minnesota Wild game when I am unable to get home before the game starts. It is normally on channel 668 (FSN) or 668-1 (FSN+).

The app has had an issue for a while where you navigate directly to the channel you want to watch, then select the show you wanto to record, select record and it was default to some 7XX channel (in the case of NHL games) for some reason. It happened to be the same show I selected, but on a channel that I channel that I dont' get, I am guessing the NHL center ice channel instead of my regional channel. This was beyond annoying because as I said I started out on the exact channel I wanted it to record, why it can't carry it through to the record settings I don't know. But there was a work around, you could click the drop down and change it from the 7XX channel back to 668. While solution works, its a horrible way to design an app.

But it gets worse. I am no longer able to do this. For about the last 5 times I have tried to do this, it only gives me the 7XX channels which won't record because I don't get those channels or it gives me the replays of the game for the next day. I can no longer select 668 with the live game time like I used to be able to do, hence the reason why this app is no longer useful. There is a slight variance to this. Sometimes when the timberwolves are on at the same time, they are on 668 and the Wild are on 668-1. The app is unable to record on 668-1 it seems. To make matters worse, there seems to be 2 668-1 channels. FSN+ and FS WIsconsin.

All this works just fine on the receiver, but not from the app.

I tried sending feedback inside the app, but it requires you to use the buildin ios mail app. I use gmail so I use the gmail app and am not going to setup the ios mail app just for this.

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