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Once again, I am unable to register my device with my DVR to enable mobile DVR functionality. I just upgraded to an HR54 genie and 4k service, and my phone will not, in any way, see the genie on my home network.

The genie is connected to the network using a Cinema Connection Kit and sees the network just fine. It is able to stream on-demand content. The tech originally connected it to my wifi, but I already had the CCK parts I had removed from the HR44 install, and since the HR54 had to be moved away from the living room to support the 4k client there, it made more sense to use the CCK for a faster, more reliable internet connection to it in the basement.

This is such an unreliable 'feature' that has been down more than up in the last three months. So frustrating... (and no rebooting the phone and DVR, force-stopping the app, wiping and reloading the app has not helped...)

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