Unable to sign in with my provider on streaming apps (for Firestick) - XFinity

I am incapable of logging into certain apps (ESPN, USA Network, HBO GO, Adult Swim, etc.) that use single sign-on and have me provide my Xfinity/Comcast information using the app to sign in.

When attempting to sign in, I am brought to the "Choose Provider" page, and select Xfinity. Whether the username is remembered or not (if not I type it in), I type in my password and then press "Sign In". A yellow progress bar appears at the bottom and it seems like it is loading a new page, but then it brings me back to the "Choose Provider" page. This results in a constant cycle of trying to login and being returned to the login page to login. I have attempted this with another Xfinity/Comcast account as well, and the exact same problems arise.

This is different from other streaming apps (Ex. TNT, TBS, Showtime, etc.) that provide you with a verification code, and require you to you login elsewhere (Ex. | TNTdrama.com). With these apps, there are no problems and I am signed into my streaming apps to view the content I pay for.

It appears that there is a problem with Xfinity's authentication process when utilizing the apps to sign me in. Any help would be appreciated!

This question, "Unable to sign in with my provider on streaming apps (for Firestick)," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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