Unable to update/view/delete series - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Unable to update/view/delete series", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Ever since the switch over to Spectrum and the software updates, my Cisco DVR has been deomstrating some odd behaviour that is mirrored in the updated TWC TV app.

One particular series (it's the Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network), seem to be corrupted on my DVR. It will record each episode, but when I go into the List to play them, not only does the preview image for the series always show a different show (seemingly random) but none of the recorded episodes will play because none are listed, despite the previous screen displaying multiple episodes recorded.

Further, when I try to play them on my TV by way of the TWC TV app on my Android phone, it only plays the OnDemand version of the episode (if the episode is too new, nothing plays). I'm only able to delete the episodes by way of the smartphone app.

Finally, I tried removing the series entirely by way of Series Management. Neither the DVR nor the app presents options to remove this series. My initial troubleshooting steps have affected no change. I've reboot the box multiple times (including unplugging it and/or rebooting from the settings/developers menu.

Am I stuck with having to return this box for a fresh one? Seems like I've gotta do this about once a year for varying reasons and my inconvenience. Has anyone else experienced this?

This topic covered Unable to update/view/delete series, and TWC cable tv service.

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