Unauthorized ACH - DirecTV

On September 7th and September 13th DirecTV attempted to withdraw $139.96 from my personal SAVINGS account through an ACH funds transfer. The transfers did not go through due to insufficient funds in the account and I was charged 2 fees of $29.99 for the failed transfers. My bank has confirmed that DirecTV attempted the transfers and that it was not fraudulent activity.
I have called DirecTV's customer service line 3 times and spent over an hour on their chat service to try to resolve this without getting anywhere. None of the customer service reps have been able to determine why or how these transfers were attempted.
According to DirecTV's own website, they "cannot accept bill payments from savings accounts in accordance with government banking regulations." Yet DirecTV attempted to withdraw funds from my savings account twice.
I deserve a coherent response for how and why this happened, and what action has been taken to ensure it will not happen again.