Unauthorized channels - XFinity

TV Land and TCM have been unauthorized on my TV as of 9/26. I did a chat session and was told I don't have those channels and that they were moved to the preferred category. I have digital starter. I then called Comcast's wonderful customer service. The person I talked to, did some things, I think, on her end to reconnect the channels. Nothing worked. I was told a tech was scheduled to come to my home to see what the problem was on Weds. 10/5, between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm. It is almost noon and no one has shown up. I also checked on line to see if someone was scheduled to come and it said nothing was scheduled. I am really upset! I wish I could cancel my services, but I am in a 2 year contract - guess what I'll be doing when it's up!! Comcast's customer service stinks like big black rotten eggs! It's moldy. I hate being told someone will come to my house to fix something and then no body shows up. This is not the first time I've had this type of problem with Comcast's so called customer service. By the way, I looked through all my bills since Jan. 2016 and found nothing about TCM and TV Land being moved to preferred!!!!