'Unforgettable' on CBS


Anybody watching this show? Kind of along the lines of a detective show but with a cool premise, the main lead has hyperthymesia, which gives her the ability to visually remember everything. Pretty good show and it's only in the second season. Definitely recommended.

Here's Poppy, the main lead. I think I'm going to get hyperthumesia just looking at her picture. :)


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Yes, I am watching, but I have a couple of problems with the show. I actually liked it much better at the beginning of the series. The problem for me is with her attire, which seems very inappropriate and unlikely for a female detective. It's like she has to show off her cleavage. Her character's personal life is a little off color, too, and it spills over. I don't know. I guess it's the reality of TV today but I want to like the main characters, and with her renegade ways, I'm starting to not like her.

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