'Unforgettable' Update: Jane Curtain Key, Other Supporting Players Out


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Earlier in the year when Unforgettable was dropped by ABC, I was both sad and glad. I like the show, which stars Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh, which offered a different slant on the key character's ability to solve crimes. Assisting her is a very real but extremely rare condition that allows her to remember just about everything she sees. She is able to play it all back, like a photographic memory in video. At the same time, the character of Carrie (Montgomery) makes choices I am not fond of, and the relationship between her and her boss (Walsh) is interesting but hardly fulfilling.

View attachment 1837 The show never really left the canvas, though, and was recently resurrected with plans for it to return mid-season. News was revealed after the pickup that indicates the return will be minus most, if not all, of the supporting cast. Specifically, this means Kevin Rankin, Michael Gaston, Daya Vaidya, and Britt Lower are looking for other gigs. Reportedly, the producers are reexamining the show's direction. I sure hope this means a better fix on the two lead characters, including less of Carrie's rather loose personal morals system.

At least Jane Curtain is continuing. She joined the mix mid-season as the medical examiner. Her character is quirky and intriguing. She really makes you want to watch her. According to reports, having Curtain on board to continue with the show was key to the second chance renewal. In my opinion, that was a smart move.