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I'd like to ask a personal question. How much do you pay for cable or satellite TV?

The monthly cost of a standard cable or satellite service -- once the introductory rates expire -- is around $75 a month. Add a few extras like HBO and a digital video recorder service and you're paying more than $100 a month.

That's a lot of money to watch "Real Housewives of the Kardashian Family."

But there are alternatives. Let's look at a few ways to save money.

- Reduce your cable package. Time Warner and other cable companies don't publicize it, but they offer a basic package of about 20 channels.
- Get your channels over the air. It's how almost everyone in Erie County watched TV before cable arrived in the early 1980s.

Jim Wertz, an Edinboro University of Pennsylvania communication and media studies instructor, cut his cable cord and uses an old-fashioned tabletop TV antenna to pick up all of the local TV stations on his high-definition TV.

"You can use a digital antenna, but I live in Erie along West Eighth Street, and rabbit ears I picked up for $12 work fine," Wertz said. "I get all the Erie stations and even City TV (from Toronto) when the wind's blowing right."

You might need a rooftop antenna, depending on where you live in the county.

- Take advantage of the Internet. You can watch TV programs on Hulu, iTunes and through Netflix. Hulu is free, though more programming is available on Hulu Plus for $7.99 a month.

Yes, you also need broadband Internet service, but many of us already pay that bill.

Most programs are available on Hulu a day after they broadcast, though some Fox programs aren't available for a week. Some cable programs are available on Hulu, but not shows from pay channels like HBO and Showtime.

If you don't want to watch these programs on your computer, or hook up your laptop to the TV, you can access Hulu and/or Netflix through devices like Xbox 360, Apple TV, Roku and PlayStation 3.
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Hear, hear! When cable was introduced, the selling point was "commercial free TV." Now there are as many commercials as OTA TV, except on the premium movie channels, and those aren't nearly as good as Netflix anyhow. So what does cable have? A few channels like FNC that are hard to find elsewhere.

Which begs the question: why doesn't FNC sell itself to regular TV? Because they get more money from cable because cable has paid subscribers. See? Cable has subscribers because ... it has subscribers! It can't last. The money grubbing fakirs will go down FASTER if we all unite! That's what this forum is all about. TEACH YOUR NEIGHBOR HOW TO USE IPTV and how to set up a good OTA antenna!


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When cable was introduced, the OTHER selling point was "better picture". This is no longer true - Cable has lost its 2 biggest selling points.

All they have left now is "more channels!". But that argument falls flat, too, as soon as you have your 30 or so OTA channels and figure out how to get almost anything online. There are a few shows I can't watch, but I have so many choices for content I don't care.

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