Unhappy with service - DirecTV

I originally had WIFI and a phone line I never used for a total of $50 a month, when football season started I decided to add Direct TV as a birthday present for my husband. I specifically told the sales rep I had to keep my bill no higher than $80 a month. She assured me it would be right around that. Last month my bill was $70 over what I was promised. I was charged 3x what my internet usually is. When I called to fix the issue I spoke to a rep from Las Vegas call center about the issues, 1. I was being way overcharged for my internet and 2 I was conned into this "package deal" with Direct Tv that I didnt agree to, he apologized and claimed to have fixed the issues with Direct TV he said he stopped the HBO/SHOWTIME and credited my account and gave me a number to call and fix the internet side of it. At that time I had been receiving deals in the mail that included internet and 145 channels for $80. So I was really upset. I felt relieved he ficed the issues. However, when I called to fix the internet side. The woman I spoke with said my account had no reflection of anyone fixing anything. Then she told me she coudn't get me my previous internet price but lowered it to $30 a month.
At this point I would really just like to go back to WIFI. At least then my bill was consistent and I didn;t have any issues. I dont even want to call because I am afraid I will be on the phone for two hours resolving issues and come to find out later that nothing was done. This is beyond frustrating for me and my family. I have a young daughter that requires my full attention I really dont have time to waste trying to fix these issues or the money to pay extra when I was promised different.

I would like to email a supervisor directly or talk to a supervisor directly and fix these issues or I will be forced to stop service. I am not getting what I was promised. Why do I have to be locked in to a contract that isnt delivering?

This question, "Unhappy with service," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.