Uninstall at apartment - DirecTV

I am beyond mad at this point. After two hours on the phone and being told that they would do an uninstall for my dish as I live in an apartment and can't just leave it....I am directed to their recycle program through Goodwill of Denver. I live in Texas. I am pretty sure that no one is coming from Colorado to uninstall my dish.
If you don't provide this service, why would that not be disclosed when installing at an apartment?
Why would one department say they can do something, transfer me to another department to be told that it can't happen and send me back to the department that said they could with the above solution?
You do realize uninstalling a device that you installed is called customer service...right?

I am so beyond at this point. It's already costing me $150 to move when you aren't even doing anything to aid in that move. What am I paying for? I uninstall my own dish and dispose of it myself. I pack my receivers and bring them with me on the move. The installation process is "free." So what is this $150 for, when I am doing all the friggin work?

Oh, and I get to spend more money on tools to get this thing off my railing. Tools I will probably never use again. Directv makes your move easy? Try...they do everything in their power to make it confusing and as hard as possible.

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