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This is a follow up post to my earlier one about my Toshiba and that darn 1/2 mute that is annoying. Now faced with having to have a second remote around in order to control the mute issue which we need, I was wondering about universal remotes. Thre are two questions to that end. 1) Do they make thin ones now? The last universal one was big and bulky. 2) Will they work on cable boxes and converter boxes? 3) I'll add a third question. How many devices can be controlled with the current universals?


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Oh my gosh, Pogi -- $168 for a remote? Wowsa. I'm getting a little tired of 20 remote controls but I couldn't afford one of those things. Hope MetaTag can, but this is out of my price range for sure. I have an old universal remote that is about 2 inches thick. I never use it because of that thickness. It probably wouldn't work on new stuff.


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Oh my gosh, Pogi -- $168 for a remote? Wowsa.
Yep, people will spend that kinda money for a remote. Even more expensive is an iPad or smart phone! But if you read it all, a $20 learning remote works just fine for most people, me included. I wouldn't argue if someone made me a gift of a nice Logitech remote: I have a lot of things hooked into my TV and stereo, sure would eliminate a lot of button presses. (And, yes, all those remotes in the picture are MINE, just from the living room TV / stereo!!) I now use 1 for the whole system, plus I still need the one for my ceiling fan - it's RF.
You can grab a Logitech Harmony 720, which I have 1 remote setup to operate 2 different rooms of the house, mutliple dvd's, bluray, tv's, receivers...etc..... I found mine on Amazon for 80 bucks, and typically run for as said to 160 depending what deals you can find. You HAVE to have a internet connection to set the thing up. Which is good because if you have issues, support will update your account, and all you have to do is re-sync the remote with their corrections. Just had the issue with my newer Samsung TV. My TV changes the order of connections based on what's connected...Had a bear of a time trying to configure it, and teach it all the signals. They went in and got it on the 2nd try.
So, in the end, the remote is worth it with the great support they have, and it has a color lcd menu whre you can label all selections. Great interface all together... :D

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