Unlocking things ...


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Great idea. We should be allowed to unlock, modify, and/or repair the property we own. But big business has more lobbyists and lawyers than "We The People", therefore laws have been re-written to prevent us from actually owning the things we buy.

Slaves are not allowed to own property.


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As far as cellphones go, its much cheaper (over time) to buy a phone outright and already unlocked anyway.
IF you keep your phone over time. Problem is too many people feel they have to have the latest and greatest so they trade up every time a new model comes out. (applefanbois, I'm looking at you).

As for me, I have a pre-paid phone that serves my purposes and costs me about $10 a month. It does this really cool thing: I type some numbers on it, and I can TALK TO PEOPLE. And it doesn't even need an "APP" for that! (We used to call them "programs") The problem with prepaid phones here is most of them are locked down HARD.

Of course, If you're in your 30's and live on your phone (and in your parents basement) a prepaid phone will not do.


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Yeah I actually use my cell phone primarily for emergency/security purposes though I've started to use it more lately only because if I don't, the amount of the pre-pay becomes like free money for ATT. lol Use it or lose it, so I'm using it slowly. I pay as I go and my phone is just fine for my purposes.