Unsatisfied and displeased - DirecTV

This company is frustrating at the very minimum but manages to become increasingly worse. First, you forget to bill me for the month of November. Since I'm a skeptic, I in no way believed I'd won a free month of service, so I called and was told several different things before being told, "the system" forgot to charge me.

Now I call to inquire about ways to lower my plan because I don't want to pay $150 a month and I'm told the discounts needed to be removed and the plan cost would go up with a simple basic plan. When discussing how such idiocy would be taking place, I was told my plan was up May of 2018.

Under suggestion from this rep, I was xfrd to the "Loyalty" dept. This individual says my plan would be up May 2017. I informed him of what the 1st rep said and he again repeated the ending contract date of May 12, 2017. With continuing the conversation, he states the only way to save a whole bunch of money is to sign a new 12 to 24 month contract. I refuse to set myself up for disappoinment, so I will not be doing so. However, I find it odd no affordable changes can be made unless you sign a new contract. I will not be staying with this company after May 12, 2017.

I'm sure I will receive no response becaue your companies service, including the automated system is deplorable. I'll take one step back and address the situation appropriately. The tools you provide your employees to assist the customer, makes them appear dense and incapable of comprehending what is being asked. They have no real ability to successfully satisfy the customer. I had to vent here though because, I'm at the highest level of annoyance. I can't wait for May 12, 2017.

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