Unusual remote control problem


My converter box works perfectly and I can get clear signals.

My problem is with the remote control, but only during the daytime. The remote works just fine after 5:30 in the evening. It won't change channels during the day, but it will at night.

I thought it might be the light coming into the room, so I hooked the converter box up in a completely dark room and the remote control still would not work.

Has anyone else had this strange problem?

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Some poorly designed models of converter boxes are known to overheat on their own and then they quit functioning or they exhibit bizarre behaviors until they are turned off and allowed to cool. During the day, is your converter box exposed to direct sunlight? If so, it might be overheating during the day and it functions normally at night.

Here are two photos of a troublesome converter box I altered by drilling ventilation holes in the bottom and sides of its enclosure.




Thanks for your reply Jim.

It doesn't seem to be an overheating problem, as it is the same when I first turn it on in the morning, when the box is cool. Even after having the box on all day (even though I am stuck watching only one channel, it will change channels again in the evening.

This is the most mysterious problem I have ever encountered and have searched the internet looking for information on this problem and no one else has ever encountered it, that I can find at least.


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1> What brand / model of converter do you have?

2> Do you have access to a universal remote that you could use? That would at least isolate the problem to the remote or the converter.

If you can't resolve the issue, there are many boxes available online, and in stores - I just saw some RCA units at Walmart yesterday, and Best buy and Radio Shack usually has them in stock. They will cost you from about $35 to $60, however. If you are enjoying free OTA TV, why not invest in a replacement HDTV? Small screens from 15 to 22 inches can be had for under $200, and sets in the 32" range can be had for around $300 on sale - and Black Friday is only a month away.

The energy savings of an LCD or LED TV (NOT plasma) would pay for itself in a few years, and the HD picture is awesome.