Update on the Green Dish

Months ago, I exchanged a few more emails with CEO Dan Rivera after those I reported here. I would summarize his position in one word: intransigent. He's not going to release any objective specs on the antenna.

Link to a recent exchange on another site that didn't involve me:

AV and Automation Industry eMagazine - DTV Green Dishtenna | HomeToys

Two Q&As culled from that exchange:

Q. Can you release the specs on the Dishtenna?
A. Unfortunately, we chose not to release any technical data at the present time.

Q. I noticed many antenna forums recommend 30' towers and giant Yagis is this necessary?
A. It is for the old technology out there. The Dishtenna needs only to be mounted from 3 feet off the ground to 20 feet on the gable end of a two story home.

Rivera continues to claim there's new technology to his antenna. Installers who doubt him now have the opportunity to test their assumptions. The company says they're assigning distributors on a first come first serve basis. (Here's your big chance, Jim! :becky: )

Become a DTV Green Dish Distributor - DTV Green Dish

Assigning distributors? Why not sell to everyone who wants one like the other manufacturers?
Well they already do that. But they also emphasize the importance of a professional installation with a signal meter -- which costs one additional Ben Franklin.

Just a quick answer to an easy question. I thought an update was needed, but the less activity here, the quicker this drops off the page, and the less free advertising we're "Dishten"dering. :gramps: