Upgrade to my U-verse DVR - DirecTV

Ever since my DVRs updated last week, now whenever I use the guide (or my favorites channels) to view channels, when retuning from the information screen it returns me to the current channel I am watching. Here is what I do, press and GUIDE or yellow A button, scroll up/down the channels and then I click the INFO button to find out about the show. After I'm done and want to continue scrolling more channels I click the back button, which returns me to the guide/favorites but now it is at the channel I'm currently watching not the channel where I clicked the INFO button on.

Before the update it would return me to the guide/favorites listing but back to the station listing where I clicked on the INFO button.

Here's an example: I'm watching ch1008,hit GUIDE and scroll thru the listings until I see on ch 1256 there is listed something I might like to watch, so I click INFO ( ch 1256 is hightlighted). Turns out it doesn't interest me, so I click the BACK button and the guide re-appears but it's back to ch 1008, and I have to start all over again and scroll past ch 1256 again before I check other channels.

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