Upgraded to new X1 remote boxes



Last week I was instructed by my remote cable box that I couldn’t access DVR recording from my main X1 box and needed to upgrade. Went ahead and ordered two new remote boxes. When they came I was able to self-install one successfully but the other wouldn’t connect. After swapping that box out 4 times unsuccessfully (changing cables and checking connections), the service rep suggested that I set an appointment for a tech to come out and troubleshoot. He came out and said our wiring from a previous technician was all wrong and said he was going to fix it. After 1 1/2 hours, he still couldn’t get it to work and the remote box that was working was no longer. After some additional troubleshooting he cane back and said that the electrical wiring in my house was causing interference with these boxes and that was the reason why they couldn't connect. He said that my house was improperly grounded which caused the ac adapters on the boxes to interfere with the coax signal. Said the coax cable didn’t have any interference but it was the electrical. Even though the X1 main box and cable modem are working fine and the previous “older boxes” worked, and the new box before he rewired worked, he said I needed to call an electrician to fix the issue. I have one coming out today to look at my panel. Never heard of this issue before. My house was built in 2002 and i’ve never had any electrical issues. I’ll update as I learn more.

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