Upgraded to X1 - XFinity

Hate my upgrade to X1, I upgraded on-line and they sent me a new box plus other wrong boxes. The new box my local Comcast dealer told me was a DVR box, I NEVER ordered a DVR nor was I asked if I wanted a DVR, needless to say lots of confusion and a bunch of boxes to return to Comcast. My Comcast bill is over $200, I was told I could upgrade my Comcast box, well its not much of an upgrade as the other box had a clock and showed the channel, this one has no clock and you have no channel lit up. When I click for my local Channel 3 it brings be to the 700 channels, I want 3 not the 700 channels. Realized I have to now push 03 then I have to push OK, before I could push 3 and it would go to 3. I push 42 and again I am shot into the 700 channels, I have to push 03 then OK, then push guide and start scrolling up to channel 42, way TOO MUCH WORK. The guide stinks too, the wording is too small, hard to read. Very dissapointed in this upgrade.

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