Upgrading from HR44-500 genie and C41-700 client. Questions please - DirecTV

Hey, folks, have my free equipment upgrade coming up. I want to place a third tv in a room and use a wireless client while the other BR will retain the wired client. Two years ago, the tech mentioned the wireless mini's still had a few bugs. True dat still?

First, I'm thinking I certainly want the HR54 but can you guys/gals advise me exactly what I should ask be delivered and set up? (I pay the Monthly maintenance so they will do the changeout.) Is it worthwhile at this time to get the super duper 4K unit or will the 54 suffice. Which HR54-xxx? Should I ask for specific model clients, wired or otherwise?

Big fanboy and client since 1996, love it up here in the mountains of CO at 9600' and my service has been impeccable. My current genie does require more frequent rebooting, but overall I have never called support in two years.

Do do I need to get a new antenna? The one outside is old baby. Inside, I don't want bridges or any of that stuff.

Any pratfalls to look out for? Nothing is too stupid or patronizing if you think it would inform me. Just don't knock me being an old geezer, ?

thanks, folks,

Captain Dave
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