Upgrading to 4K - DirecTV

I want to upgrade to the 4K service. I have an LG 4K TV that is compatible. I understand once I upgrade I am locked in for two years, which is fine. But I have two questions before I take the plunge:
1) Does the HR54 Receiver have Component (green, blue, red cables) hookup? I know this won't carry true 4K picture, but I use it on my HR44 when I don't want to use the stereo (Onkyo 7.2) system. I do have high speed HDMI cables (2.0 or higher) and will use it as well. If it doesn't, I can use the second HDTV when I don't want to use the stereo (which has 4K HDMI pass through). I have searched DTV's "Receivers" section, and it gives me conflicting info: it reports video hookups in one section as HDMI, Component and Composit. But the back picture of the unit only shows an HDMI hookup for Video.
2) Is anyone aware of a newer model (DTV) Receiver coming out soon? For example, an HR64--I don't want to see a new model come out in two months, then regret it. I can wait awhile. With my service plan, it will be up to two years before I can upgrade to a newer model.

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