Upload Speed Issues - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Upload Speed Issues", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hello everyone,

This will be my first time posting on the Spectrum Forum. To start, I have been dealing with this issue for quiet some time now. I have had several tech visits and several maitenence tickets put in still with no resolution to the problem.

The problem first started around the exact same time one year ago. I would have constant upload and bandwidth drops. I had my first tech come out and diagnosed that there was in fact a problem, he put in a maitenence ticket and told me to wait a couple of days. I checked back and found that the problem persisted, this same thing went on for 3 months. I eventually spoke to a supervisor on the customer support line and a lead tech came out and found several problems that originated at the Hub. Within a few days the problem was fixed.

Roughly one month ago, I started having the exact same issues. I had another tech come out, he replaced every cable to my modem, the wall plate and even replaced my modem and router. He eventually said that the problem must be from the Hub again. He called several other techs and told them the exact issues he was seeing and each one of the techs said it must be a Hub issue. We are now one month into this same issue with no results. He has told me that his boss has aknowledged that there is in fact an issue and is monitoring it, but still has no idea what the problem is.

It is a bad situation because I rely on my upload speeds in order to do my job and having this issue is making working harder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Upload Speed Issues?