US Netflix - Which vpn is the best?

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I’ve thought about getting a vpn for a while now, because honestly the Danish Netflix is absolute shit. I’d mostly want to access the UK or US Netflix.
I was thinking maybe ExpressVPN or PureVPN? Which one do you guys recommend?
I can also recommend Express, and yes they are offering a pretty good deal. Don't know if it will last but I'd probably say you should check this review first ExpressVPN – In Depth VPN Review - Techloris if you haven't already.

I've tried free VPNs, but everything is real shit when it comes to streaming. Now I'm using Express and Netflix US works fine and the speed is good.

Andrew Miller

Hello! Picking a VPN requires knowing two basic things to start with: What you want to use it for, and what you're willing to pay. The range of VPN offerings is vast, but those two things will help you find a VPN for Netflix that has the right blend of speed, security, and cost.
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