USA Network renews 'Burn Notice' for final season


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Sad news for fans of Burn Notice and its stars Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell. The USA Network has announced that the new season, the drama's seventh, will be its last.

View attachment 2336 Donovan plays Michael Westen, a secret agent who was once disavowed by the government agency he worked for. He had to start over from scratch with help from his friend, Sam Axe (Campbell), and ex-girlfriend, Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar).

The show was a hit in the key 18-49 demographic from the start, thanks to a fresh storyline, good acting, and awesome Miami scenery where the hour-long program is filmed. It recorded its best ratings in the third season.

The Matt Nix creation may return on the network in some fashion, be it spinoffs or movie sequels. The show already has one TV film under its belt, The Fall of Sam Axe which Campbell starred in and Donovan directed.

Also starring Sharon Gless as Westen's mother, Burn Notice starts its final season June 6. Meanwhile, reruns are being shown daily on the new Esquire Network (formerly G4 on cable stations) at 5pm, followed by repeats of the popular Psych series which has been renewed for an eighth season, making it the USA Network's longest running show.