USB-Flash drives the new media?


Well, you can think I am going nuts to post this here under DVD player, but my reason for this is: Can you image to have flash drives as data storage for movies?

I am asking because I got the christmas files from my two sons this way. With a family living around the world you have to find a good way to send your materials.
Years ago we were using CD and DVD. Now we put all on this flash drives.

Could this be a new media storage like years before the could old video tape was?
Or don´t you see any comercial use in it?


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That's why TV's now are internet hookups and have USB ports. Put whatever you want on the flash and just plug it into the TV. I think it's going to affect the sales of CDs and DVDs too, if it hasn't already.


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If you do a lot of mailing, they make USB drives that are really SD card readers. Put your data on your flash drive, pop out the SD card, and mail it to family with their own USB-SD drives.

SD cards (especially micros) are a lot easier to mail than a flash drive, they fit nice in a flat envelope and since it's not bulky, there is less chance of it being stolen if you send it to a 3rd world country where the mail is not safe. We've even had DVD copies of our home movies stolen in the mail!

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