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With the recent news that some manufacturers are discontinuing selling DVD recorders (very useful for those of us that like to record over the air TV), are there any plans to make a USB stick that plugs into your TV or computer and records TV shows with a timer like a DVD and saves the shows on the stick? I recall Sandisk had this item a few years ago, but it has been discontinued. The convenience of recording on a stick rather than on a DVD seems very appealing.


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You can get digital TV tuners for your computer, which will let you record TV using a PVR program like Windows Media Center, or Myth TV. One member here built a 6 tuner DVR that way. Yes, you can even record to an external USB drive if that's what you desire.
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I know of no device that plugs into your TV to record. Lots of them for computers, however.
Roku is coming out with a USB stick but it's not for recording I think, right?

There are USB tuners, but they don't record. The recording will be handled by your computer.


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I'll bet it happens eventually, though. As I said before, I see this technology advancing as the internet TV becomes more commonplace.
Happuage makes some great USB sticks and PVR's. What's your budget?
“Win TV-HVR 950Q” is an USB TV tuner stick from Hauppauge computers. This includes A/V adapter, Portable digital TV antenna and remote control. It can be used to record analog and digital Tv on a PC or Laptop, but am not sure about recording and storing in the USB stick.