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I saw a picture, a few months ago, of a Mohu Leaf antenna broken open to expose what looked like 2 bowties inside. I thought I'd look it up again, since I know a little more about this stuff now, and maybe I could see if it's deliberately out of phase, as one internet poster theorized.

Well, I spent 2 hours yesterday searching for that $^%! picture. Grrrrrrr... If anyone knows where it went, I'd be eternally grateful. Anyway, after the first half hour I got so totally p'd off with IE, I switched to Google Chrome. I can't even begin to express how much better it works than IE 8 for this kind of long search.

IE 8 is the latest version of Internet Explorer recommended for Windows XP. I have it thoroughly optimized, in terms of cache size, virtual memory, and a half dozen other parameters I can't recall right now. If you've heard about it, I've optimized it. Though it works well for most things -- many Internet TV sites and banking sites, for example, require IE for use with XP -- yet I've grown increaslingly frustrated when using it for those unending fact finding expeditions which sometimes ensnare me.

But I became disenchanted with Chrome, because they have this GoogleUpdate program that reinstalls itself EVERY TIME you run Chrome, and then installs all kinds of OTHER stuff you may or may not want (Flash updates, for one) without asking. Nevertheless, after the third time having to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to close out IE (closing a single IE window is seldom an option), forcing a new search from scratch, I finally gave in and switched to Chrome. Here are my observations:

- When you tell it to stop loading a page, it does the craziest thing -- IT STOPS LOADING THE PAGE! Is it POSSIBLE they actually think this computer sitting on my desk belongs to me??

- When I tell a page that's loading slowly to close, even though the hour glass is showing, it does a REALLY WEIRD MANEUVER where it CLOSES THE PAGE!! Can you believe it?? It takes about two seconds to click in and close, but still, IT DOES IT! I haven't had to close all Chrome windows and start from scratch EVEN ONCE in the last hour and a half.

- Though the fonts are a little cheesy looking, pages generally load much, much faster with Chrome. In fact, I had to force myself to test the first two points above by quickly moving my mouse up to the X before the page loaded.

- I never, ever got the little box saying "program refuses to respond" by which they mean "Internet Explorer is so poorly written it can't find itself in memory, and is fixing to BREAK THE ENTIRE OPERATING SYSTEM!!!"

- When I open new windows from a search page, that link is IMMEDIATELY marked as read on the original page! With IE 8, I had to hit refresh to get that "advanced feature."

- Searching within a page works MUCH, MUCH better with Chrome. You can actually SEE your search terms highlighted on the page, and it has a numbering system (as in "3 of 9") to let you know where you're at.

- It REMEMBERS your within-a-page search string, even though you've opened a new window on a whole new site.

- I did all this while running a live internet TV flash video -- enormously taxing on the resources.

- I just checked MsConfig again, and whaddya know? GoogleUpdate is still gone. I assume people will have to uninstall it (sorry, can't remember the procedure) but at least it seems to STAY uninstalled now. (I can hope, can't I?)

I can't speak to people's experience with Vista or Windows 7, but for XP users (there are lots of 'em), I can say you'll easily peruse twice the number of pages you could have with IE 8. But I still can't find the stupid picture. Maybe it was on that YouTube video that got deleted...


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Have you tried "The Wayback Machine" dot com ?


PS DrizzleDrazzleDruzzleDrome, time for this one to go home. (probably misspelled)
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Have you tried "The Wayback Machine" dot com ?

Hey, thanks Jim, that doesn't work at all! :rolleyes: But while trying to MAKE it work, I stumbled on the picture. Had to be that way. Couldn't be the result of any organized search. You can see it (innards of a Mohu Leaf) here:
Mohu Leaf Omni-directional OTA Antenna - Page 2 - Digital Forum

You might have to switch to "Display mode: Linear" on the page, then come back here and click the link a second time, then scroll about two-thirds of the way down the page. DELIBERATE ORGANIZED SEARCH LAND MINES! You better believe I copied the jpeg file to my desktop.

Lots of good info on the Leaf in that thread. AD Tech is one of Antennas Direct's tech support guys.