Using a VCR with converter box


I have installed two converter boxes in my house following the instruction sheet for connecting through the vcr. In both cases, I set the box to channel 4 and the vcr to channel 3. When I set them for "timed" recording,, they do turn on and "record", but when I rewind and "play" there is only static on the tape. My regular viewing of converted digital TV reception is fine. Just having a problem with timed recording. Help, please.....


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So how do you have everything connected?

The arrows in this diagram indicate input or output depending on if they're pointing to or away. Does your converter box connect to the VCR first before outputing from the VCR to your TV?


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Hmm. Does your VCR have to be turned on to view what's on the converter box? It sounds like your VCR may need to be adjusted to record the proper input from the converter box.


Like cowboyup4christ said. Change the channel on the TV to channel 4. Then you will change the stations using the new converter box remote.


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I have to say I love that the pictures are included in the post. That makes it so easy to see. My sister just brought over the one DTV Pal Plus she was able to get thus far, so I'm really paying attention to this now.