Using converter boxes early


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I purchased my converter box a couple weeks ago and tried to get it to work. but got no reception on my tv. is there a time limit before the boxes become active, if so when is it and did I damage mine by trying to use it early.

Jason Fritz

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Hello Aaron,
You can immediately hook up your converter box and start watching digital programming on your TV today.

There's a statistic on somewhere I believe, where they have stated that over 90% of the television stations are now broadcasting digtal signals.

There shouldn't be any damage done to your converter box by using it before the digital transition.

Hook it up, and enjoy the extra channels and clear picture! Let us know if you have any other questions...


Answer> maybe ?

:(I did the same thing you did with same results. Then I found that in my area all the TV stations go through low power translators and they are not required to go digital. Therefore, we didn't even need to buy the convertors. Go figure>>> nobody told us that one. Now I can use the 2 convertor boxes for door stops.


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LOL K9, I have done a ton of "homework" for DTV over the past month...especially for some of my family members who cannot afford cable. The whole idea of converting televisions with converter boxes to digital seems easy enough to understand, but there are so many outside factors like what you mentioned K9 with the low power translators, and reception issues that makes it really tough for some people!


I read that most of the broadcasters have already been using digital signals so if you use it early it would not matter because it just has to be by the Feb 2009 date. So if you have it there is no need to hold onto it. It will not hurt anything.