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I need some help please. I am dropping Dish and already use the Roku streamer. My problem is I want to use antenna to get my local channels. I have a newer HDTV. I have tried a leaf antenna and also rabbit ears. I can get no reception with either. I live within 19 miles of tv station. I followed the instructions but something just isn't right. Can anyone please help me with this frustrating situation? thanks.


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Please go to TV Fool and run a radar report for your area, and post the URL for the report here at the forum. The report won't include address information. The report will give us information on local stations, predicted signal strengths, and real channel numbers, which will give us an idea what your situation really is.

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ok, some people in the forum advise against this, but it's a quick way to test. Get a regular coax cable and either a splitter (as they're usually free with cable and dish boxes) or an F to F connector and connect it to the rabbit ears. This gives you an extension for length. Then try moving your antenna to a few different spots. My rabbit ears being moved away from my tv give me approx 40 channels. behind my tv only gives me 18. Rabbit ears aren't the best invention, but they're simple and cheap so you have to move them around to find where you get the best signal. Rabbit ears go where the best signal is, not where you necessarily think your tv looks the best.


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Near electronics is never a good place for an antenna. I try to stay about 12 feet away minimum.

Did you set your TV up for antenna? You need to go to your TV menu, and select "antenna" rather than "cable" and do a channel search.
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