Using The DirecTV App - DirecTV HDTV

Using The DirecTV App, I have been playing with the DirecTV App on my iPad trying to see what it can do. With my previous GenieGO I could access my Genie HR44 from anywhere and watch shows that had been recorded to the Genie. It doesn't look like I can do that with the App.

As I understand it, I can stream shows that were not previously recorded, or watch shows that have been downloaded to my iPad from the Genie. That isn't very useful if you want to download a week's worth of shows to watch on the road. The iPad can't hold more than a few.

Also, is there any way to watch a show from the iPad to a hotel TV? It looks like you can only do that on a TV that is on your network. I.E. at home. Again, not very useful.

So far, it looks like I am going to really miss the GenieGO.