Using two DB8's

I just given a second DB8 by a friend who decided not install. I have one with C5 on roof about 30' up with rotor. Is there a away to add the second DB8 to my set up. I live right in the middle of Cleveland OH and Erie PA. Erie comes in better and would like to improve on my Cleveland signals. Thanks for any pointers.


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You can use them both in three or more ways.

1. You can stack them for roughly 2.5dB gain increase. They must be pointed in the same direction. I have this setup with two CM4228As. They will also have a sharper pattern.

2. You can point them in different direction and combine them. There will be 3.5dB loss for this, and you may introduce unwanted multipath.

3. You can use them both with an A/B switch.

1 and 2 are identical in wiring. Just connect both antennas to the output of a two way splitter. Feed the splitter's input to your TV set.

3. Requires an A/B switch.

So in your case it is not clear what you want to do but I am guessing either 2. or 3.
Point in same direction and I also have a cc7870 if this will help. I have done a little reading and will reversing one of the balun help in this case. My set up includes a rotor C5 about two feet above the one DB8. I have room for the second DB8. Should the be any spacing withe the second DB8. Thanks again. Mike