USTVNOW versus Legality

What is the legality of the USTVNOW service that I just signed up for on the ROKU box in my house?
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You are in Wilton, Connecticut, correct? Whether or not they are legal for expatriates as advertised, they must surely be illegal for YOU unless I'm missing something. (IANAL) How did you sign up? Don't they require a U.S. SSN anymore? First five digits? Non U.S. I.P. address?

Pretty amazing they've been around since early 2011 and haven't been sued yet. (According to whois they have an office in New York!) I guess Aereo is just a better test case. If Aereo ultimately loses, I think USTVNOW will be history.

I don't think anyone will be knocking at your door with an arrest warrant in the near future. But I could be wrong. :eek:

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