Uverse.com (Web) TV Guide - No Data After 6:00pm on Nov 29 - DirecTV

(back in September I waited a couple days before reporting this exact same problem, but since it took almost 2 weeks to fix I figured I should get an early jump on this... find that previous incarnation here)

The Online UVerse TV Guide (http://uverse.com/uv/guide) shows programming about 2 wks ahead of the current date.

It has now gone BLANK starting at 6:00pm CT on Tue Nov 29.

AT&T: please resolve!

Thank you!

I notice that info for Sony Movie Channel (1793) and HD Movie Channel (1107) frequently just says MOVIE for every listing, which really isn't all that helpful. Any chance of updating that??

This question, "Uverse.com (Web) TV Guide - No Data After 6:00pm on Nov 29," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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