I contacted ATT customer service concerning my Uverse account, to help fix issues I was offered Direct TV bundle which would lower the cost of my bill and provide me with most of the same shows minus premium channels, so i accepted the offer and 2 yr contract. I am now finding out after 3 months that the total cost of my Direct bundle is the same as the Uverse account, and that i am being billed as just changing my Uverse tv for Direct tv and not getting the entire
Bundle. Upon asking the reps what was the difference, was told because i already had phone and internet thru Uverse. I asked if i did not have Uverse where would the internet and phone service be provided and was told thru Uverse, so whats the difference, that is what I was offered and accepted, was even told that all would take place was change out tv boxes my bundle was Direct tv. My price should also reflect that bundle and none of the reps I am talking to seem to understand or its like I cannot receive that offer, well give me back Uverse at your expense, i should have been told 3 months ago, not now!

This question, "UVERSE CUSTOMER ORDERING DIRECT TV CABLE SERVICES," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.