Uverse Customers being forced to DirecTv? - DirecTV

I am very upset with the sales people in the Kiosks/stores. This morning I sent this to Walmart.

First off, I am an avid Walmart supporter and shopper. Because of this, I am concerned with the non-Walmart vendors in the store. In particular, ATT/DirecTv. While shopping in the Viera store on Saturday, I was approached by the ATT/DirectTv about subscribing to DirecTv. I am currently an ATT Uverse customer. When I told the rep this, he told me ATT was discontinuing Uverse and I will be forced to switch to DirecTv. As I had talked with ATT less than two weeks ago, I did not believe this statement. I also confirmed that they were providing false information in your store, by calling ATT this morning.
My concern is there are many elderly customers that would believe this and be convinced they needed to switch. Walmart has a reputation of being a brand you can trust. I feel your arrangement with ATT is not in your best interest, as long as false information is being spouted as this salesman was doing.

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