Uverse Installation Upgrade Fail - DirecTV

We had an Uverse tech onsite on 1/27/17, they upgraded our equipment that was installed over 10 years ago. The next day I attempted to reconnect our wireless receiver which he left disconnected. I went to the area where he installed the new modem which is in a dark closet, I found the wireless box still plugged in to the wall outlet and when I touched the cord, the brand new modem fell out of the ceiling. I checked to see if the box was OK and then reset it back on the two by four in the ceiling. BTW:The last modem we had was mounted to the wall in this same closet. Apparently when it fell, the data cable that was plugged into the box was spliced poorly with the incoming phone line resulting in the loss of all ATT services. All I saw was two cables hanging from the wall. Because I was not sure what was connected to what, I attempted to call for service.I was told that (A) I had to approve the cost of the call prior to dispatch and (B) that it would Sunday before anyone would come to the house. I tried to explain several times to the call center person that this was a direct result of a faulty install and he just kept repeating that I would need to approve the charges and that the earliest we could get someone on site was Sunday afternoon. My husband ended up splicing the wires himself and got everything working but two things are a concern here: the tech on site was less than professional and the installation was not done well, "The modem landed ontop of some boxes but could have fallen to the floor and permanantly damaged the equipment". Secondly if you have an issue the phone support is not customer friendly.

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