UVerse installing digging up my neighborhood - DirecTV

Hi, AT&T Contractors are boring in new lines in my neighborhood. I know this becasue I had to ask them who the lines are for. AT&T never informed anyone in the nieghborhood this would be happening. I understand the work is occuring in the right of way which extends 10 feet up from the street. They will not tell me if any damage to the property, which I pay lots of money to maintain will be satisfactorily repaired. This is lots of mud on AT&T's face. Real bad first impression. Where is the documentation stating damage will be repaired? If they damage my property I will contact the police and the city to file a propert damage report. Giant AT&T needs to remember to be a good neighbor, it should be telling us what is going on and gaurenteeing safety and reapirs to property. I don't have billions of dollars to like AT&T so it is important that my property that I work very hard to take care of is respected. I feel AT&T is disrespecting me and my neighbors.


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