Uverse picture cuts on and off - Vizio M70 4k TV - DirecTV

We are having a very frustrating time with our Uverse TV. We have a Vizio M70 4k TV. All devices (Uverse box, PS4, Xbox One S, Amazon Fire) run through a 4k graded Pioneer receiver. All other devices work perfectly and never have any issues.

The Uverse TV will randomly cut off and will or will not come back on. The only solution I have found is to turn the receiver on and off until the picture stays on and there are no issues.

Again, this is RANDOM. About 20% of the time there will be no issues. Other 80% we get this issue. Sometimes the picture will turn off within a minute, other times it will take about 5 minutes. Sound remains on no matter what.

I contacted AT&T and was sent a new receiver box (this was about a month ago). It was also a Cisco one but looked a little different. Same issue so I'm not sure if the box itself is the problem?

Hoping there is a solution for this somewhere out there because we are on the brink of pulling the plug!

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