Uverse Receiver is Broken. How much will it cost to replace? - DirecTV

Soup got spilled on top of my uverse receiver in a pretty bizarre scenario. It was about a spoonful. Not enough to make a mess but just enough to make life harder. When it happened, the receiver didn't shut off, but the picture on the TV froze.

I unplugged it and turned it over as fast as I could and left it to dry for a couple of days. I get the gear, I see the status bar go across, then I get the Red X with a "1" under it. Tried the destructive reset (Hold Power, Down, and Ok etc.). I successfully reset the receiver, but I still get the Red X with the 1.

I split the cable bill with 3 other people and I'm debating whether I want to get it replaced or just do without for a minute. Didn't want to call AT&T just yet since we're merely "renting the equipment" and I figure they'll jump on the chance to add on to my bill, so I'm trying to see if anyone here knows the replacement fee? The model number is IPN 4320. Also, does anyone know the procedure of getting it replaced? AT&T will charge to come out to my house, I imagine.

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