Uverse Tv/Internet 100 Mbps Linksys Velop issue - DirecTV

I was only getting on AVG 20 Mbps on my U-verse wifi tested multiple times. I bought this Linksys Velop 3 unit wireless mesh system and its amazing. 75-90 Mbps all over my house. Well worth the $450.

I feel like I might be getting interference though as my wireless box upstairs is inconsistent. I have turned off the uverse modem/router wifi so only the velop mesh network is visible. I have the main Velop unit wired into the U-verse modem/router. Also the U-verse tv WAP wired into the router. I also have a sonos plugged into a switch running off the Velop. I have tried re syncing my wireless box upstairs with the wap and I still am getting a skipping tv signal. The green wifi display on the box shows full or sometimes one less rah full bars.

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