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This question is about "Uverse TV, Phone and Internet service billing not being resolved", with DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports. I'll give you a chance, but know that I am now going filing formal disputes with ATT, the FCC, FTC and the State of FL. I downsized my Uverse Internet, TV, and phone service on 6 Sept after my year long promotion ended on 1 Sep and the cost was going to increase $100, which I cannot afford. I tried to change my plan twice earlier in Aug, but was told by customer service I had to wait until the promotion ended. Monday, in Sept was a holiday, customer service is apparently closed on the weekend, and only open till 7 pm Mon-Fri. I can't call from work! I have made 3 phones calls in Sept and October, spent a lot of time on the phone, and spoke to no less than 8 people. None of which could help me keep the original service at a reasonable cost and all of whom wanted me to pay that extra $100 on my Sept for services I did not and would not receive in Sept. They claimed they could not change the balance in the system. That is hogwash. Your billing department can't correct the billing, really! On the 2nd phone call customer service rep number 5, said his alleged supervisor told me to pay at least an extra $20 to account for the 6 days in Sept. I agreed to do that and did. He assured me my October bill would reflect all the changes. Ha! What a liar. My October bill now reflects that I am in arrears for $80, the remainder of the $100 overcharge, and now they are charging me a $9.00 late fee that I don't owe. On the 3rd and final phone call, after an excruciating phone conversation with a customer service rep, he assured me he escalated to his supervisor and the changes would be reflected online within 24 hrs. Then, he had the audacity to ask me who my cell phone provider was before we parted way, to which I replied, it's not ATT and will never be ATT given all this. I realized then, that this individual probably didn't hear a word of our 40 minute long conversation and was just reading from a script. Imagine my surprise when I logged in this afternoon, over a week after that 24 hrs to find my account was not corrected and now I'm getting robocalls to call your ATT customer service. I never had a bad word to say about ATT in the past but this has changed everything. I loved my service. My customer service experience has never been like this. I've just had to give up the speed of my internet, the channels that I watch on TV, and downsize my home phone and to add insult to injury, your company can't even give my an accurate bill and is demanding money I don't owe. Wow. See if you can resovle this issue

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