Uverse TV software update 10/24/2016 problems - DirecTV

All receivers were updating this morning. Here is the problem. When you hit menu and goto favorite channels, a list of channels that you build, not the guide where everychannel is listed. You find a channel that you want to see whats it about and hit the info key and then hit the info key again to go back to the list you do not end up on the same channel that you wanted the info about. This happens when you use the page button. So you have to start all over again going thru your favorite list. This did not happen under the old version of software. I called and finally got thru to someone but all he said was call back in 4 to 6 hours and they will see if they can help me. This problem does not happen when in the guide. It works the way it should. Anyone else have problems, I am in South Bend area of Indiana. Cure?

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