V52 Error with TiVo Bolt - XFinity

I installed the Bolt in July 2016 ... the channels always came up looking scrambled with V52 errors everywhere. I've called with no success. In December a tech came out, said he knew nothing about Tivos, tested the lines which were okay and his solution was to disconnect the TiVo and install a Comcast box. The comcast box worked with a strong picture but didn't really solve my problem of getting the Tivo to work. Today ... SuperBowl Sunday, FOX is coming in strong and clear but just about every other channel is scrambled or giving V52 errors. The cable card seems to be working because some channels work well. I pay the bill every month it really can't watch anything on network television since the channels are so inconsistent. I unplugged the TiVo this morning thinking it might "clear the cache" but have no clue if that did anything.

This question, "V52 Error with TiVo Bolt," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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