Verizon adds AlJazeera America in HD


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I do watch Al Jazeera - but I watch Al Jazeera English. I don't have pay TV. It used to be available in SD online and on FTA satellite Galaxy 19. But with the advent of Al Jazeera America, the satellite feed has been scrambled and the website for Al Jazeera English has been geo-blocked.

But thanks to a couple PlayOn apps, I can still watch Al Jazeera English, although it's not HD video - it's better than not at all.


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I'm not baiting don't prepare for battle. Haha. Why do you watch? What do you like? Tell us more.
I like the English version because it's a differing viewpoint with more international news. US news networks are so focused on news of USA.


It's always a breath fresh of air to get a news network like AJ. I feel like it offers a different alternative to our traditional news sources and while some may not agree with them I think they give one of the most unbiased news out there. I know being completely unbiased would be almost impossible but I like to think AJ comes pretty close.
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