Verizon FiOS Confirms No Immediate Plans For Expansion


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In case you're one of the few folks still on Verizon's DSL service dreaming of upgrades, Verizon has again confirmed that once current franchise build obligations are completed, Verizon will not be expanding their FiOS services any further. Speaking to investors at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference (conference notes (pdf) via Stop the Cap), Verizon CFO Fran Shammo said that beyond the current franchise obligations (primarily in major cities like Philly and NYC), there simply won't be a second act to the FiOS saga.

"We will still end up at around that 18 million to 19 million mark from a pass perspective. And at this point we won't build beyond that, because at this point we have to capitalize on what we have invested." ~Fran Shammo
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How on earth does "at this point we have to capitalize on what we have invested" get translated into "there simply won't be a second act to the FiOS saga"? Just because Verizon is actually intelligent enough not to run head long into debt like the federal government doesn't mean that they will never expand FiOS again. It just means they need to capitalize on their investment before they do. But, these writers have already decided that FiOS will never expand again, and therefore they ignore what the Verizon executives actually say.:duh:
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