Verizon FiOS dropping Fox Network?



Has anyone noticed the little messages coming up while watching various networks and shows about Verizon FiOS customers losing Fox unless they come to an agreement before Jan 1, 2012? What's the likelihood of this happening?
Very unlikely. It's just an attempt by either Verizon or Fox to elicit customer response on their behalf to the opposing side.

I've seen similar messages from Fox and TWC at least a dozen times in the last 4 years. If Fox ever went off TWC, TWC would lose perhaps 20% of their customers, and Fox would lose a huge chunk of its audience. :violin:


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Cablevision lost Fox for a few days in 2010, IIRC.

The retrans disputes are real and if both sides don't come to an agreement in time, losing the channels is a real possibility. It's not just an idle threat.