Verizon strikes back at Netflix - June 6th


Apparently Netflix has been tweeting that Verizon is to blame for the slowdown and poor video streaming. Big Red's lawyers tossed a cease and Desist at Netflix today.

Have a look at the letter.

The two continue to work toward some sort of solution...where we pay more IMO.


I think it's ridiculous. Broadband internet access is vital for daily life in modern society. Consumers are already paying plenty. The telecom companies should be forced to deliver the service they promise BEFORE their leaders collect a cent. Netflix is a large portion of internet traffic, but it should not matter what content / service / person is using the traffic. While they are not without blame for certain business decisions, simply telling their customers the truth (and I'm sure they have data to back up their claims - if they don't this is a different story entirely) is not wrong. It may be stupid of them to poke the giant, it may be a ploy to achieve other goals, but it isn't wrong. (And other companies, like Google/YouTube, do the same thing.)
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